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Our Privacy Policy

Most web sites collect some sort of information about their visitors in order to gather statistics about how many visitors they get each month, what are the most and least popular pages on the web site, where there may be problems in serving certain pages to visitors, etc. In an effort to answer questions such as these, All American Transmissions also collects certain basic information about its visitors.

Please note, however, that All American Transmissions has no interest in personally identifying its users. This would be practically quite difficult, and quite an unnecessary task to accomplish anyway. The only thing that All American Transmissions is interested in is the overall statistics of its readership. Cumulative figures that provide a picture of visitor traffic to our site are vital in our efforts to monitor how well our web server is keeping up with our ever-increasing visitors.

So what information does All American Transmissions collect about its visitors? Each time someone visits the site, our web server logs a number of details--if they are available--including the IP address of the visitor's computer and/or Internet service provider, the domain name and country of origin of that computer, its operating system, and the type of web browser being used.

In addition to the statistics that our own web server collects, the third-party advertising agencies that we work with may also collect certain information through the use of banner ads.
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